fake hate crimes: a database of hate crime hoaxes in the usa

The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive database of the false reports of "hate crimes" committed (mostly) in the USA. It builds on the work of Laird Wilcox, whose Crying Wolf (PDF) is the original book on this subject. The books Hate Crime Hoax and Hate Crimes: Criminal Law & Identity Politics are recommended, as are the websites Watching the Watchdogs and Fake Hate Map.

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184. Various alleged hate crime hoaxes, some of them proven. 2013-03-06 Oberlin OH

The Great Oberlin College Racism Hoax of 2013

Legal Insurrection

William A. Jacobson


Racism and hate are real. Hate crimes do happen — some violent, some just threatening. But unfortunately, there is no shortage of wannabe heroes — who in most cases have never suffered discrimination — actively undermining the cause by committing fake hate crimes, often with the idea of drawing attention to an issue.

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