fake hate crimes: a database of hate crime hoaxes in the usa

The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive database of the false reports of "hate crimes" committed (mostly) in the USA. It builds on the work of Laird Wilcox, whose Crying Wolf (PDF) is the original book on this subject. The books Hate Crime Hoax and Hate Crimes: Criminal Law & Identity Politics are recommended, as are the websites Watching the Watchdogs and Fake Hate Map.

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386. A student who reported herself as a victim of a hate crime has been charged with faking it. She alle... 2019-11-01 La Verne CA https://www.thecollegefix.com/college-student-charg... College student charged with faking hate crime against herself / California’s La Verne Police Department said it determined that last year’s “series of threats” against a University of La Verne student group and its leader Anayeli Dominguez-Pena were actually sent b / 2020-03-11
385. From her picture, she appears not to be white. So it's likely, if she's guilty of carving the words ... 2020-03-01 Johnson City TN https://wcyb.com/news/local/jcpd-woman-arrested-for... JCPD: Woman arrested for carving "white pride" into sidewalk at JC business / A black woman has been charged with vandalism under $1,000 after authorities say she used a rock to carve "white pride" into the sidewalk at a Johnson City business. / 2020-03-03
384. Online report 2020-02-19 Southaven Mississippi https://wreg.com/news/southaven-man-who-reported-ra... Southaven man who reported racist graffiti on vehicles charged with insurance fraud / A black Mississippi man was charged with insurance fraud after he reported racist graffiti had been spray-painted on two of his vehicles. / 2020-02-28
383. Newly release video and 911 audio show employees who assaulted Popeye bodyslam victim were lying abo... 2019-11-11 Nashville Tennessee https://fox17.com/news/local/new-surveillance-video... New surveillance video released from Popeyes body slam incident in Columbia / Newly release video and 911 audio show employees who assaulted Popeye bodyslam victim were lying about every single aspect of the incident. / 2020-01-30
382. "Victim" likely sprayed his own car as part of an insurance fraud. 2020-02-02 Southaven MI https://wreg.com/news/southaven-man-who-reported-ra... Southaven man who reported racist graffiti on vehicles charged with insurance fraud / A Mississippi man was charged with insurance fraud after he reported racist graffiti had been spray-painted on two of his vehicles. / 2020-02-28
381. First reported headline was "Philadelphia Police Investigating After Mural Depicting Cecil B. Moore ... 2020-02-15 Philadelphia PA https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2020/02/26/philad... Philadelphia Police Release Images Of Suspect Wanted For Spray-Painting Racial Slurs On Cecil B. Moore Mural / Philadelphia police released images of a suspect wanted for spray-painting racial slurs on the mural of a black historical figure and 2 other locations. Video shows a young black male doing the graffi
380. Police uncovered video evidence that claims of a 15 year old student being called N-word and hateful... 2020-02-03 Waukesha Wisconsin https://www.jsonline.com/story/communities/waukesha... Go Home N-Word - Student Says Athletes beat him in hateful attack; Police say that's not true / A Waukesha student involved in a parking lot brawl says it was racially motivated. Police say that's not true. A fight at a Waukesha shopping center resulted in the arrest of six Waukesha high schoo / 2020-02-04
379. Gun control activist deleted the tweet, and it seems unlikely that a real pro-gun advocate would bre... 2020-01-20 Baltimore MD https://yournews.com/2020/01/28/1423434/anti-gun-do... Anti-gun doctor accused of sending himself death threat / A gun control activist deleted a tweet claiming he was the victim of a threat after various Twitterers claimed to see inconsistencies in his story / 2020-01-28
378. A cop falsely accused McDonald’s workers of writing “f****** pig” on the officer’s coffee cup after... 2019-12-30 Herington KS https://www.yahoo.com/news/kansas-police-pig-insult... Cop Resigns After Writing 'Pig' Insult On Coffee Cup And Blaming McDonald's Workers / A police officer accused McDonald’s workers of writing “f****** pig” on the officer’s cup. Then he resigned and his boss said it was a hoax, and the pig did it himself. / 2020-01-02
377. Made-up antisemitic attack: Sean Samit reported he was attacked and stabbed in the abdomen by an unk... 2019-12-20 West Bloomfield Township MI https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/oak... He told police he was stabbed for being Jewish. Then his Apple Watch caught him in a lie. / He told police he was stabbed for being Jewish. Then his Apple Watch caught him in a lie. / 2020-01-02
376. Andy Ngo cites empirical data from a human rights organisation showing that the murder of transexual... 2019-11-20 Portland Oregon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Y0frT9sP0 Andy Ngo suspended from Twitter for correcting Chelsea Clinton's claims about hate crimes / "On 27 Nov. 2019, I was interviewed on OANN about being suspended from Twitter after tweeting that there is no epidemic of trans people being killed in the U.S. Twitter deemed the tweet "hateful conduc / 2019-11-27
375. Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein, a Somali-born Finnish politician, apologised for faking a hate crime, when... 2019-11-13 Helsinki Finland https://nationalfile.com/finnish-politician-apologi... Finnish Politician Apologises for Fake Hate Crime / Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein, a Somali-born Finnish politician, apologised for faking a hate crime, when he said he had to throw someone out of a taxi for racial abuse. / 2019-11-14
374. Canadian hockey coach claimed to be victim of racial discrimination in schools where he taught, but ... 2019-10-14 Toronto ON https://www.thepostmillennial.com/he-never-taught-h... “He never taught here”: ice rink disputes claim of racism by hockey coach / A Muslim hockey coach’s story about being the victim of a parent’s hateful text message is falling apart upon scrutiny and the revelation he made a similar allegation in 2017. / 2019-10-18
373. Britain hasn't become twice as bigoted in five years. Like all Western countries, its tolerance of m... 2019-10-15 London UK http://archive.is/NM17N Hate crimes double in five years in England and Wales / The number of hate crimes reported to police has more than doubled since 2013, according to government figures, which also showed a large increase last year in offences against people based on sexual o / 2019-10-15
372. A 12-year-old black girl claimed racist white boys had cut off her dreadlocks. Then she admitted she... 2019-10-03 Springfield VA https://nypost.com/2019/10/03/why-we-keep-falling-f... Why we keep falling for hate-crime hoaxes / Starting with this recent Virginia case, Andy Ngo asks why Americans are so credulous of these stories. "Left-wing activists and the mainstream media refuse to learn lessons about hate-crime hoaxes." / 2019-10-03
371. Victim family admitted that it was hoax. 2019-09-27 fairfax VA https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/virg... Virginia sixth-grader now says she falsely accused classmates of cutting her hair / Last week, The 12-year-old, who is African American, said three white male students held her down in a school playground a week ago during recess, covered her mouth, called her insulting names and used / 2019-09-30
370. The information for this story comes from the Anti-Defamation League. It tries to give the impressio... 2019-09-26 New York NY https://www.kgw.com/article/news/nation-world/ok-ha... 'OK' hand gesture, 'bowl cut' added to hate symbols database / A New York organization has a database of extremist symbols, and it has added the 'OK' hand gesture to it. / 2019-09-26
369. Edwan Coughman is charged with wrecking his own restaurants and writing racist and pro-Trump slogans... 2019-09-14 Tampa FL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Su_FaLx_NA "Jussie Smollett 2.0" CAUGHT Red Handed, Sprayed "MAGA" And Slur On Wall, ARRESTED And CHARGED / Ex-Tampa Bay NFL player charged with fake hate crime - trashing two restaurants he owns and spraying the N-word and "MAGA" on the walls / 2019-09-15
368. Trans "woman" faking a hate crime. 2019-05-10 Urbana–Champaign Illinois https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSK3K0Kdix4 Hate Crime Hoaxes / Hate crime hoaxes / 2019-05-28
367. Similar handwriting on various hateful letters sent to an MP - it is also possible that some of his ... 2019-07-11 London UK https://twitter.com/IonathanRex/status/115013839618... 13 Questions for David Lammy -- a Twitter thread / UK MP David Lammy is being asked questions about the claim that he may have sent fake hate mail to himself. / 2019-07-13
366. A 40% increase in religious hatred in one year would be impossible in a modern Western country. 2019-08-20 London UK https://archive.fo/jpqG3 How mainstream media fuels the UK's Islamophobia crisis / There has been a 40% increase in religious hatred in the UK, most of it directed toward Muslims. / 2019-08-20
365. How the SPLC encouraged violence against a conservative Christian organization 2019-08-17 Montgomery AL https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/08/17/s... The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered / The Southern Poverty Law Center describes hate groups as groups whose statements cause individuals to use violence in defense of their political views. Using this criterion, the Family Research Council / 2019-08-17
364. Erica Thomas, a Georgia politician, said that a white man told her to 'go back where you came from'.... 2019-07-19 Atlanta GA https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/07/24/how-a-supe... How a supermarket spat became a ‘hate crime’ / The media mostly assumed that Erica Thomas was a victim of 'hate' stirred up by president Trump. / 2019-07-24
363. An article about the fake hate crime epidemic in the UK, blamed on Brexit 2016-08-27 Harlow UK https://quillette.com/2019/07/18/is-surging-hate-cr... Is Surging Hate Crime in the UK Overcooked? / Ben Cobley, author of "The Tribe: the Liberal-Left and the System of Diversity", shows how the England & Wales police define a hate crime - "For recording purposes, the perception of the victim, or any / 2019-07-18
362. Wilfred Reilly's book exposes numerous hate hoaxes - this video describes some of them 2019-05-28 Chicago IL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSK3K0Kdix4 Hate Crime Hoaxes / Hate crime hoaxes / 2019-05-28
361. Wilfrid Reilly, author of 'Hate Crime Hoax', explains why a hate-crime epidemic never was. 2019-05-09 Seattle WA https://quillette.com/2019/07/07/the-hate-crime-epi... The Hate-Crime Epidemic That Never Was: A Seattle Case Study / The Seattle Times recently reported that an epidemic of hate crimes is taking place in the Emerald City. According to the newspaper, more than 500 bias incidents were reported to Seattle police in 2018 / 2019-07-07
360. An Ohio jury has ordered Oberlin College to pay $11 million to a bakery which said it was libeled an... 2016-11-01 Oberlin OH https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/09/us/oberlin-college-b... Ohio bakery awarded $11 million in libel lawsuit against Oberlin College over alleged racial profiling / Oberlin College is a major source of hate hoaxes. Go to http://fakehatecrimes.org/search and enter 'Oberlin'. The culture which encourages these fake crimes is illustrated by this article. Three black / 20
359. A list of fake hate crimes from Andy Ngo in Portland - reasons why he thinks they are fakes are give... 2019-03-31 Portland Oregon https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/11295606890166... Andy Ngo on Twitter / Various suspected and confirmed hate hoaxes / 2019-04-18
358. The man who set the fire, 47-year-old Andrew McClinton, is African-American and a member of the chur... 2016-11-02 Jackson MS https://www.dailywire.com/news/45335/mississippi-ma... Mississippi Man Pleads Guilty To Hate Crime Hoax SPLC Used To Slam Trump / Eventually, the SPLC had to append an Editor’s Note to its story, which reads in big bold letters: “In December 2016, a suspect, a member of the church, was arrested in connection with the crime, and a / 2019-03-30
357. A member of an African American church in Mississippi admitted setting the church on fire but never ... 2016-11-01 Jackson MS https://apnews.com/57e8b52fa44743a6b37f2c65fa97d7a4... DA: Man never admitted painting ‘Vote Trump’ in church arson / Andrew McClinton gave investigators varying accounts when he admitted setting the fire at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville. / 2019-05-02

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