fake hate crimes: a database of hate crime hoaxes in the usa

The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive database of the false reports of "hate crimes" committed (mostly) in the USA. It builds on the work of Laird Wilcox, whose Crying Wolf (PDF) is the original book on this subject. The books Hate Crime Hoax and Hate Crimes: Criminal Law & Identity Politics are also recommended.

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408. Smith College: investigated by law firm; "the investigators found no sufficient evidence of discrimi... 2018-07-31 Northampton Massachusetts

Smith College Ruins Workers’ Lives Over Hoaxed Racism Accusations | The Narrative Survives Anyway

Matt Christiansen YouTube Channel

Matt Christiansen


Matt Christiansen describes the Smith College fake hate incident, and several other recent incidents. He also analyzes the hate hoax framework: "The most frustrating part of our ongoing hate-crime hysteria is the unfalsifiability. No matter how many flaws in the data, no matter how many outright provable hoaxes get exposed, the conclusion is always it's a moot point, because there's clearly a hate crime epidemic otherwise." "What evidence would be sufficient for you to acknowledge that racism is no longer a large-scale problem in this country?"

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