fake hate crimes: a database of hate crime hoaxes in the usa

The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive database of the false reports of "hate crimes" committed (mostly) in the USA. It builds on the work of Laird Wilcox, whose Crying Wolf (PDF) is the original book on this subject. The books Hate Crime Hoax and Hate Crimes: Criminal Law & Identity Politics are recommended, as are the websites Watching the Watchdogs and Fake Hate Map.

Report 132.

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173. Why that McCain volunteer’s “mutilation” story smells awfully weird / Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin accepts that there are sometimes fake hate crimes "on our side of the isle". This article is about a Texas woman who claimed a black man attacked her and carved a / 2008-10-23
201. Fake 'Hate' Crimes Embarrass Far Right / One of the most important promoters of the idea of a hate crime epidemic is the Southern Poverty Law Center. In this article, the SPLC selectively point to a few hate crime hoaxes committed by conserva / 2008-03-31
Type of hoax: suspected


A Texas woman claimed a black man attacked her and carved a 'B' on her face when he saw her Republican bumper sticker. But the B is backwards and too neat - just like if she did it herself in the mirror.