fake hate crimes: a database of hate crime hoaxes in the usa

The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive database of the false reports of "hate crimes" committed (mostly) in the USA. It builds on the work of Laird Wilcox, whose Crying Wolf (PDF) is the original book on this subject. The books Hate Crime Hoax and Hate Crimes: Criminal Law & Identity Politics are also recommended.

Report 226.

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311. Racism Charges in Bus Incident, and Their Unraveling, Upset University at Albany / Surveillance videos did not support the accounts of the young women, Ms. Burwell, Alexis Briggs and Ariel Agudio. Neither did the statements of multiple fellow passengers. Rather than being victims of / 2016-03-01
532. Lawyer for ex-UAlbany student in bus case says her conduct was free speech / Lawyer for Asha Burwell in bus fake hate claim case says her conduct was free speech / 2020-02-19
542. Judges tosses student’s hate-crime hoax conviction on First Amendment grounds / “While the Constitution protects your right to lie on Twitter, it certainly doesn’t protect your right to lie to the police.” NY Appellate Court struck down one of Asha Burwell's convictions - some of / 2020-04-13
Type of hoax: charged with inventing crime


Albany NY

Three black students at the University at Albany had been attacked on a city bus by a group of white men who used racial slurs as other passengers and the driver sat silently by.